Ice cream or Coconut?

Imagine that you are stumbling across a street in the day light of scorching summer and obviously after walking a mile you would feel thirsty and now let say you had seen the coconut seller and the ice cream parlour with scintillating glasses, well-furnished interiors and obviously airconditioned. So, my question is which one do you prefer the coconut guy or the ice cream parlour? May be at that stint you might want to prefer the natural one but immediate question flashes into your mind was how much this coconut guy would charge me for those half-filled and tasteless coconut, probably double or in worse case four times higher price than its cost price, in the meantime while you are having this constant rambling in your mind you will tend to turn your head and go for the parlour it’s not just because the coconut guy price might be outrageous it is the parlour guy aesthetic appealing features that will lure you, ending up to prefer the ice cream over coconut, of course the latter is healthier but you were afraid of contemporary situation of being looted and you end up preferring ice cream. But here what more interesting and baffling reality check is it is not you who had preferred the ice cream but your subconscious mind had made you to do that thing and speaking of which your subconscious mind is largely affiliated by the corporate giants by that glossy and 3D animations and slow motion commercials that are indirectly infusing in your brain to buy that ice cream


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